YSR biography and facts behind his political career

Ysr biography and unknown facts


 Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhar Reddy was born on July 8(1949).popularly known as YSR

Ys rajasekharreddy personal life:

*ysr born to christian middle class family as eldest of five sons for Y.S Raja Reddy at pulivendula.

*He completed his medical studies in Mahadevappa Rampure college(Gulbarga,Karnataka)and served as medical officer as Jammalamadugu Mission Hospital(district)Andhra Pradesh.

*After completing his studies he founded charitable hospital in the year 1973.

Ysr marriage life:

ysr marriage

ysr marriage

*RajasekharReddy parent’s were devote Christian’s(and was reddy)who was buried according to Christian rites.

*He was married to Vijayalakshmi,they had one son and one daughter.


*Political career of Ysr:

*ysr joined politics in the year 1978 an d won the constituency pulivendula in the same year only he became Minister of Rural Development(1980-1982).

*And later he shifted to Excise Minister in the year 1982 after that he becamed Education Minister in the year 1983.

*He continued in same constituency in the year(1983-1985),at that time N.T.RamaRao swept the power and the party fared badly in the latter,at that time Indira Gandhi made ysr as state president to the party.

*Ysr got complete grip in pulivendula constituency and started his winning in Kadapa for four terms 9,10,11,12 Lok Sabha.

Return of YSRajasekharReddy in Politics:

Ysr biography and unknown facts

Ysr biography and unknown facts

*His return to state politics saw him winning Assembly Elections in the year 1999 from same Pulivendula constituency.

*During which he served as Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh state Assembly in the year(1999-2004),but his subsequent winning in 2004 Assembly elections saw he was the 14th chief minister of Andhra Pradesh serving full term.

*He won 2009 Assembly elections and continued his tenure as 15th chief minister of Andhra Pradesh,but unfortunately it was the last year of him and chief minister.

Works Done By Ysr In Congress Party:

*In his first time of chief minister he implemented a campaign project for farmer’s given free electricity.

*He conducted health insurance program for rural people living below poverty line(white card holders),which was known as Rajiv Arogya Shree,which was instituted to pay the entire cost of any necessary surgery up to a maximum of 2 lakhs.

*He started free public Ambulance service which was started by Satyam,and later it was adopted by Andhra Pradesh.

*He used to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurship for rural women by giving 3% interest under the program of Pavala Vaddi.

*He started to construct heavily subsidised housing for  rural people under the program of Indiramma illu.

*He implemented a rice scheme by providing kilogram of rice for 2 r.s. his aim was to reduce hunger from the people,by this the support price for rice was also increased.

*He used to give fee reimbursement for college tuition for underprivileged and reservations for minorities were instituted.

*He was mainly concentrated on social welfare,with a majority of projects to reducing rural poverty,apart of all these schemes,his government was a role model in implementing the central government flagship program

“He commenced JALA YAGNAM project was started to irrigate 10,000,000 acres(4,000,000)of land through the construction of major,medium projects of all irrigation projects.It helped Andhra Pradesh make significant progress in sustainable agriculture by making wastelands cultivable. “

*RajasekharReddy’s has a  major slogan for the 2009 elections that was “Development and Credibility”.

*He sought a mandate based on past performance, making no new election promises but vowing to continue and extend ongoing schemes.

*At that time the opposition parties formed a ‘Grand alliance’ (mahakootami) made up of all the major opposition parties including,TDP AND TRS and the communist parties.

*The TDP promised numerous inducements including free color televisions and a unique cash transfer scheme (CTS).

*At that moment the floated film star Chiranjeevi formed Praja rajyam party.

*The Congress Party under the leadership of Reddy won the contest and came to power for a second time, winning 156 seats in the assembly (148 would be a simple majority).

*Reddy’s party also won 33 seats in parliament out of a total of 42 seats. This feat was seen as a significant victory for Reddy, since he was able to earn a second consecutive term against the odds of anti-incumbency.

* He became the Congress party’s first incumbent chief minister since 1969 to win based on his performance.

Troubles Faced By YSRajasekharReddy:

*Reddy was accused of amassing large amounts of money during his tenure as the Chief Minister.

* He is said to have used populist schemes like irrigation projects and housing schemes to his advantage and earn huge profits through them.

*In a leaked United States diplomatic cable, the American Consul General quotes that there was “widespread corruption that was beyond the pale even for India”.

*The surrender of more than 1,600 acres (6.5 km) of personal land by Reddy to the government to be compliant with the law in December 2006 was criticised by opposition parties.

*The opposition parties demanded his resignation for owning the land in violation of the law.N.Chandrababu naidu also called for Reddy’s resignation after a 2007 police shooting resulted in eight deaths.

*A federal probe of the Central bureau of investigation was also launched to investigate disproportionate assets acquired by Reddy in return for a favour his father made to the industrialists.

*In May 2012, the C.B.I. arrested Mopidevi Venkataramana, the then-Infrastructure Minister in Reddy’s cabinet, who was responsible for unduly assigning the land to a private organisation called Vanpick.

*This incident called the credibility of Reddy’s entire cabinet into question.

Son Of YSRajasekharReddy:

*He started television  Reddy heads YSR Congress Party, opposed to Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Andhra Pradesh. TDP, headed by N. Chandrababu Naidu, has the mandate to rule the state till 2019. Jagati Publications Ltd and Indira Television Ltd, promoted by Jagan Reddy, run a regional language newspaper Sakshi and a Telugu news channel by the same name in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

*Now Sakshi was the  second largest Telugu newspaper in terms of circulation

YSR Death:

*When Ysr was travelling in bell 430 helicopter went missing on Wednesday,2 September in the year 2009.

* He lost contact with the aircraft,while passing through the dense Nallamala forest area,the forest area is considered to be stronghold of the outlawed Naxal communist, insurgents, the National Security Adviser of India ruled out the possibility of the Naxals bringing down the helicopter.

*The next day Prime Minister confirmed ysr helicopter was crashed and he was no more,with him his special secretary P. Subrahynam, chief security officer A.S.C.wesley, Group Captain S. K. Bhatia and Captain M. S. Reddy were travelling and they also dead.

*Reddy’s body was buried on 4 September at Idupulapai in Kadapa district with full state honours in accordance with Christian rites.

Legacy Of YSR:

*After the death of ysr the government of Andhra Pradesh renamed the Kadapa district as Ysr district,which was native of that district.

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