K.T.R continued to be the man of the people


Early life of K.T.R:

*Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao was born in Karimnagar district of Telangana in the year July 24 1976.  popularly known as K.T.R.

*His Father was K.Chandrasekhar Rao and he was the founder of Telangana Rashtra Samithi and also the first chief minister of Telangana.

*K.T.R mother was Shobha Rao she was the home maker and he has one sister named Kavitha she was the president of Telangana Jagruthi and member of parliament in Lok Sabha.

Education Life Of K.T.R:

*K.T.R studied in boarding school’s from 10 years in 7 different school’s.

*After schooling he pursued his Intermediate from Vignan junior college(Guntur),and he went to study BSC in microbiology.

*And also K.T.R did chemistry,Botany from the Osmania university at Hyderabad.

*He got two post degrees in MSc Bio-technology from Osmania university and he did MBA marketing in E-commerce from city university of New York(USA) .

*In the year 1998 K.T.R began as an IT professional and interned at the shipping and ocean logistics firm INTTRA inc at Madison Avenue (New York,USA).

Political career of K.T.R:

*K.T.R entered politics in the year 2009 from that he contested the Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly elections from the Sircilla Assembly constituency,he won by 171 votes.

*Later along with K.T.R 10 members from the TRS were resigned due to by asking the separate state of Telangana.

*In the year July 2010,the High Court of Andhra Pradesh ordered Election Commission of India to conduct across the Telangana region.

*This time K.T.R won by getting huge majority of 68,219 votes.

Demands raised by K.T.R:

*He was mainly raised the demand for to give separate state of Telangana, he attempted Samara Deeksha protest on January 27 2013 at Indira Gandhi park for this he was arrested and later released.

*After the Congress working committee’s resolution Telangana was passed in formation of principle cabinet note was approved on October 3 2013.

*He starred at a working association with congress party,on December 23 2013 a group of ministers report listed possible options and that Rayal-telangana has 12 districts but they are giving 10 districts for Telangana,for this K.T.R reacted strongly.

*Later Andhra Pradesh Re organisation Bill was passed by parliament on February 2014 .

*K.T.R said that to TRS members that large sections of party have expressed their wish to retain regional identity in Telangana discourse.

*K.T.R had given a statement to media regarding to the issue in the wake of rumours attempting to scare people of seemandhra residing Hyderabad.

*And also he said that we have been looking forward for Telangana that is growth oriented,development oriented,education and takes care of  society.

K.T.R as MLA:

*The legislative Assembly elections for Telangana were held on April 30 2014(General elections).

*for this K.T.R contested as MLA candidate from the area Sircilla,he won by a margin of 53,004 votes,with this TRS merged as ruling party with single largest majority in the assembly winning 66 seats out of 119 seats.

*In the year June 2 2014,K.T.R was appointed as IT minister and Panchayat Raj.

Works done by K.T.R in IT minister:

*In the year December 2014,K.T.R discussed with CEO of smart city in Dubai in regarding the development of Hyderabad under the ITIR.

*Also he called Yusuff Ali M A,chairman of Abu Dhabi Lulu group who said that their company would invest 2,500 crores in Telangana.

*During the same time,he visited the sonapur camp in Dubai in order to interact with about 20,000 migrant workers from Telangana who resided there.

*In the yearn May 2015,K.T.R went to a two week tour for United states to discuss with partnership and corporate giants on various areas of collaboration with the government of Telangana.  

*The top brass companies like Cisco,Oracle,KPMG met K.T.R to do the business in Telangana,and the Microsoft and amazon companies also started giving support to state initiatives in the IT space.

*With this he also exhorted Non resident Indians in a meeting to be Goodwill Ambassadors of the state government outside India.

*In order to make Hyderabad as a global  city K.T.R used to spend half billion dollars investment in one month on the year May 2015.

*From that time on wards google started development in Hyderabad by spending 1,000 crores

*Later Amazon came and started up in Hyderabad that it was the largest one than the expected one.

*Amazon started to offer training sellers and small and Micro Enterprises  through seminars,workshops and recknoers on e-commerce business.

In July 2015 Uber has announced to to setup it first Excellence in Asia and to invest $50 million in Hyderabad it was the biggest investment outside Us.

*On June 4 2015,K.T.R met Hong Kong industrialist at a summit organised by CII  where he interacted with 50 representatives from the electronic hardware manufacturing space over investments and opportunities in Telangana state.

*On June 8 2015 K.T.R met top Foxconn Technologies,FIH mobiles and TECHO electric & machinery Co as a apart of his visit to Taiwan and he invented them to setup units in Telangana.

*He started the start up named T-Hub with 40 crores investment it was developed for the young talent pool to innovate and to give new ideas for entrepreneurship and up to start 300 start up’s at a time with 800 people.

*K.T.R’s government provided 10 crores to the T-Hub innovation fund and an initial capital of 125 crores is expected to flow into an focused fund.

*K.T.R also invited several company CEO’s like Adobe,Infosys,Bio con to take the younger entrepreneur’s to the state .

*Later Infosys CEO announced that there will be going to expand their it’s pocharam campus to double the employees with 25,000 members and making their campus to biggest campus.

*In the year March 19 2016 K.T.R met the Union Minister(Ravi shankar prasad)to sanction 100 crores  for the second phrase for T-Hub.He sanctioned 3,00 crores for the implementation of IT investment region.

*K.T.R is the Telangana Academy for skill and knowledge(TASK)that has enabled 40,000 out of 75,000 engineering graduates turn employable for industry during the year from 2015-16.

*K.T.R’s assessment need was to every youth should do work and to know the skill development.

*He linked T-Hub for certification program to meet 5 year target through a sustainable ecosystem for job creation.

*In the year 2014 K.T.R urged industry to collaborate with the government to combat cyber crimes,this was to defeat the hackers in IT infrastructure.

*Regarding the K.T.R two MoUs were signed one was between government of Telangana and C.R Rao institute to make cyber security part of the state’s multi policy frame work.

*Another was signed between TASK and Samsung South west Asia in offering course on software development and testing operations.

*In the year August 2015 state government partnered with NASSCOM and Data security council of India,it was towards making Hyderabad as cyber safe destination.

*He went to Mumbai tour in the year February 2016,he got assurances from Reliance group and TATA group to invest in Telangana in varying capacities,especially the prestigious double bed room house scheme.

*He had taken a promise from Mukesh Ambani for establishing a world class university in the state in Dhirubhai Ambani’s name.

*on March 10 2016,Governor E S L Narasimhan stated his address to the  joint session of  Assembly at that time K.T.R was the first IT minister this shown a huge increase in IT development and increased by 16%. 


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