Indian National congress Wrong Step

*The Indian National Congress party is simply called as Congress is political party in India. Foundation Of Congress party: *It was founded by retired British Indian civil service officer Allan Octavian Hume. *It was called at that time a Political party like British India to free India in order to form a platform for

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YSR biography and facts behind his political career

   Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhar Reddy was born on July 8(1949).popularly known as YSR Ys rajasekharreddy personal life: *ysr born to christian middle class family as eldest of five sons for Y.S Raja Reddy at pulivendula. *He completed his medical studies in Mahadevappa Rampure college(Gulbarga,Karnataka)and served as medical officer as Jammalamadugu Mission Hospital(district)Andhra Pradesh. *After completing

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Sr NTR biography and dynamic facts behind politics

Nandamuri TarakaRamaRao was born on  May28(1923). popularly known as NTR GREAT QUALITIES OF NTRAMARAO: *TarakaRamaRao was an Indian actor,producer,director,editor and politician who served as chief minister of  Andhra Pradesh for seven years over three terms. Sr NTR FILM CAREER: *NTR made his debut as an actor in a Telugu social film (MANADESAM)directed by L.V.Prasad in

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